Survey software for busy individuals.

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The best professional survey tool there is at a great price.
Peter Varga
Head Researcher, Flash Media Group
FedEx General Electric ExxonMobile
I find SurveyGizmo invaluable and use it every day.
Joy Walko
Office Manager, Stark Leadership
Bloomberg Television Kaiser Permanente Medtronic

Level up your data collection!

Do you work on a team? Check out SurveyGizmo for Teams

How do Individual accounts work, anyway?

Everyone needs something different out of their survey software, so we built specialized levels just for you.

All SurveyGizmo accounts are billed annually, so you get 12 full months of amazing data collecting out of your account.

Is an Individual account the right choice for me?

An Individual account is the right choice for you if you run a one-person company, or are you the only one on your team who needs access to SurveyGizmo.

Are you working with a team or inside a large organization? A SurveyGizmo Team & Enterprise Account may be right for you.

Which license level should I select?

If you're only collecting simple data for personal use, try a Basic License.

Our Standard License is a great all-around solution for a person who has some prior experience with survey software.

The specialized licenses, like our Market Research License, are powerful licenses specially tailored to help a professional make the best decisions from their data.

Still not sure which one is for you? and explore SurveyGizmo for yourself!